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Apparent Violation of City Code § 17-37 by Mayoral and Common Council Candidates

Democratic Mayoral Candidate Alicia Hernandez Strong

Alicia Hernandez Strong, a Democratic Mayoral Candidate and self-proclaimed socialist held an event in New Britain’s Central Park yesterday, on March 20th, 2021. While the event only generated a handful of spectators, Strong held the event without filing for a permit. According to New Britain City Code § 17-37, Strong needed to obtain a permit from the Board of Park and Recreation Commissioners or its authorized agent for the following purposes: (1) Reservation of any area or place in any park for special or private use. As Strong wants to defund the police and end the school to prison pipeline, she broke the law for her gain. It might also be an ethics violation if Strong is indeed elected and continues said behavior.

Alicia Hernandez Strong should have been aware that she needed to pull a permit. Still, at the New Britain Journal, we would think that individuals running for the top office in town and the legislative body would have respect for the city's ordinances. In addition, Democratic Council candidate Richard Lacourciere also did not think first before joining in on the event when he spoke to the same crowd of more than 25 people. Essentially, one plus one makes two violations, yet the fact of the matter is that ignorance of the law is not an excuse to break the law.

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