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Candidate Alicia Hernandez Strong Engages in Conspiracy Theories, Targets a Marginalized Landlord

As of 6:26 PM on Thursday, April 1, 2021 Democratic Mayoral Candidate Alicia Hernandez Strong posted to Facebook regarding a victimized landlord in Bristol, CT.

According to the post by Strong, “The guy whose apartment was trashed in Bristol has a history of opposing tenants’ rights. It’s disturbing the way the media is hyping up these claims and buying his narrative, especially when the tenant is denying the charges.”

Strong went on to say that, “I just think it’s curious that he sued Lamont in summer over the rent moratorium and then this happens...all of a sudden the media is pushing the narrative that the eviction moratorium is to blame. Don’t believe the hype. Especially since this comes when a number of bills to protect tenants have been introduced in the legislature. Even if this incident is legitimate, one bad tenant does not negate the rights of most good tenants who are often taken advantage by landlords.”

The issue Strong is referencing is regarding a Bristol landlord, whose home was destroyed by a tenant after the landlord was not able to evict said tenant during the pandemic.

Note: Alicia Hernandez Strong, is a Graduate Student of Yale University, who has previously caused trouble around town by not pulling permits for campaign events on city property during a raging pandemic.

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