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City of New Britain Announces Restart of Fall Leaf Pick-up Program

We are well into the season of Fall folks. That means you probably have piles of leaves scattered around your yard that you're tempted to jump in or use for your next weekend arts and crafts project with the family. There are many leaves falling and covering our city. Thankfully, the City's Public Works Department has announced that they are starting back up their annual Fall leaf pick-up program. The program will begin November 1st and run through mid-December. Mayor Erin Stewart credits the Public Works Department for the great job they do every year to gather up the city's leaves. "This annual pick-up is a great city-wide service provided to our residents by the Public Works Department," said Mayor Stewart. "This service gives us the ability to keep our neighborhoods clean and sweep the remaining debris before we head into winter. If you see Public Works' workers out there when they come by to pick up your leaves, make sure you give them a friendly wave or head nod from your window to let them know how much they are appreciated here in New Britain."

Mike Thompson, the Field Services Superintendent for the Department of Public Works, encourages all city residents to leave their leaves on the curb for easy pick-up. "Please put your bags at the curbside where we will be picking them up," said Thompson. "You may also want to check the Public Works webpage to check on our daily status update."

It is expected that Public Works will do two rounds of pick-up for each street. Check the City's website for daily updates.

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