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City Updates: Fiber Project Progress, New Police Chief, Firefighter Graduates, and Upcoming Events

Residents of New Britain, Connecticut can look forward to faster internet speeds and lower costs in the near future as GoNet Speed, the company behind the city's fiber project, is set to lay fiber network throughout the north side of town in the next two weeks. This public-private partnership is a major development for the city and is expected to have a significant impact on internet access for residents.

In other news, the New Britain Police Department recently said goodbye to its Police Chief, Chief Chute, who has retired to take on the role of the first police chief of the Connecticut Community College System. The department will be led by interim chief, Deputy Chief Ben Murphy, while a new chief is being sought through a community-involved hiring process that will include public oral panel interviews for candidates.

The New Britain Fire Department also recently graduated 11 new cadets, who are now full-fledged members of the department. The badge pinning ceremony and graduation was held at New Britain High School and the department would like to extend congratulations to the new firefighters.

The city's local prevention council also recently held its annual meeting, where awards were given out for Parent of the Year and Prevention Leader of the Year. The youth leadership council kids and community partners were also in attendance.

Lastly, residents are reminded of upcoming events such as the mobile mayor's office event at the New Britain Public Library on January 31st and New Britain's participation in the Greater Hartford St. Patrick's Day parade, organized by Dennis Morel and other members of the committee. The Mayor thanks everyone for tuning in and looks forward to updating them on the next city council meeting.

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