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Halloween 2020, Not Canceled in New Britain!

This year has been a whirlwind for a lot of us. Our usual traditions, gatherings and events have either been postponed, cancelled or re-arranged. The question on many people's minds this October, "Are we going to be able to celebrate Halloween this year?" The answer to that question for New Britain residents is a resounding YES! Mayor Erin Stewart recently announced that Halloween is not canceled in New Britain as a partnership between the City and Best Buddies International has produced New Britain's first ever "Hallowheels Trick or Treat Drive-Thru Event." The event will be on Halloween Saturday October 31st, from 10am-1pm at the New Britain Stadium, which is located at 230 John Kabronic Way, New Britain CT. Attendees must pre-register for the event online at

Mayor Erin Stewart is thrilled for this first ever event in New Britain. "I'm thrilled that we are able to partner with Best Buddies International to bring the 'Hallowheels Trick or Treat Drive-Thru Event' to the City of New Britain this year." said Mayor Stewart. "During these challenging times, it is important for us to find creative and innovative ways that allow us to continue serving our community. I can't wait to see smiles from ear-to-ear on all the children's faces."

If anyone is interested in sponsorship opportunities or donating to this event, please contact Lynn Simon at 401-226-8278.

Another event that's lined up for Halloween is Costume Day, which will be sponsored by the New Britain Museum of American Art. This event will take place Saturday October 31st from 10am-5pm at the New Britain Museum of American Art which is located at 56 Lexington Street, New Britain, CT. Admission for this event is free of charge for all from 10am-12pm and will only remain free all day from 10am-5pm for New Britain residents. Online pre-registration is encouraged and make sure to check in at the time you reserved. All attendees will get their photo taken to be included in the City's Facebook album, will get to walk through the museum to see the beautiful art work, and then receive a free bag of candy on your way out of the museum. For safety, face masks are required for entry and must be covering both the nose and mouth. Time reservations are required for social distance candy bag planning. You can pre-register online at

Mayor Erin Stewart commends the Museum for finding a way to make Halloween fun for the whole family this year. "It may not be their traditional big Halloween Party this year, but the NBMAA has found a way to provide fun for the entire family, said Mayor Stewart."

Mayor Stewart also gave us some quick tips for those who may still plan on going out Trick-or-Treating this Halloween. First, only trick or treat at homes where the lights are on. Second, travel in groups and never trick-or-treat alone. Third, have an adult with you at all times. Fourth, avoid wearing too many dark colors as you need to be visible to cars and other passersby. Lastly, the Mayor encourages everyone to be safe, practice social distancing and wear a mask.

This Halloween is certainly going to be a bit different but that doesn't mean we still can't celebrate it safely in New Britain.

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