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Mayor Erin Stewart Slams Juvenile Justice Leniency

"I refuse to stay silent when innocent people are dying because of criminals who have no regard for life. Elected officials at the State Capitol are the only ones who can change these laws, and they need to take action..." Mayor Erin Stewart slammed the Connecticut juvenile justice system on social media on Friday, July 2nd, following the death of a victim in a hit-and-run in New Britain on Tuesday. Henryk Gudelski, a 53-year-old marathon runner, has been confirmed as the victim. The driver, a juvenile, was apprehended. State legislators are now asking for revisions to juvenile criminal legislation. According to Gudelski's fiancée, Henryk was a highly decorated marathon runner.

Republicans have advocated for a bipartisan bill to improve juvenile justice legislation. Citing several occurrences around the state as well as anger with a lack of legislative authority to prosecute repeat violent criminals. Vin Candelora, the Republican House Minority Leader, stated, “Here we are today with this crisis that continues to play out; people are now dying.” State Rep. Candelora put an amendment to tighten the juvenile laws up for a vote during the regular legislative session. Republicans persuaded some Democrats to join them and vote yes. However, it was insufficient, and the amendment was defeated.

According to the Democratic House Speaker, the situation is complicated stating that car thefts have decreased in the previous five years.

NBC Connecticut:

Lee Elci - The Voice of Freedom:

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