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New Britain Receives Highest-level Certification from Sustainable CT

The City of New Britain has again strengthened its reputation as a sustainable city within Connecticut. New Britain is one of five towns this Fall who received the Silver certification from Sustainable CT. Sustainable CT is a statewide initiative that aims to inspire and support communities becoming more efficient, resilient and inclusive. Silver certification is the highest level certification a municipality can receive from Sustainable CT. The City was able to meet high standards in a broad range of sustainability accomplishments to qualify for silver certification.

New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart is honored that New Britain is being recognized for the City's work toward sustainability. "In New Britain we have successfully found ways to make our community more efficient and sustainable." said Mayor Erin Stewart. "It is an honor to be recognized for the work we have done to enact sustainability measures and for what we've been able to accomplish. New Britain will remain devoted to maintaining and increasing our efforts to become more sustainable. We are proud to be a community that others can look to as an example in our state."

When looking back over the City's accomplishments towards making New Britain a more sustainable community, much has been done. To name a few, the City completed the redevelopment of Columbus Commons; increased affordable housing by adding an additional 59 units; completed a Bicycle Connectivity and Traffic Calming Study; developed a municipal energy plan; and installed electric vehicle chargers. The City also successfully carried out farmers market events and created a New Britain Food Policy Group. These are just some of the initiatives and accomplishments the City has made so far, as more are in the works!

Public Works Director and leader on the City's application to Sustainable CT Mark Moriarty praises the Mayor's leadership on making New Britain a more sustainable community. "It's wonderful to see the City achieving this prestigious designation for our sustainability work." said Moriarty. "Under the Mayor's leadership we've made great strides not only becoming more fiscally responsible, but also more environmentally sustainable."

The City had to go through an application process to receive this recognition from Sustainable CT. This process was overseen by the New Britain SMART City Committee. "What is a SMART City?" You may ask. A SMART City is a city that uses data and technology to create a more efficient and sustainable community. A SMART City engages in economic development and enhances the quality of life for its residents. New Britain's SMART City Committee was established by Mayor Erin Stewart in 2016. Since it's creation Mayor Stewart has charged the committee with the task of making New Britain a more efficient, technology driven and sustainable community. Through it's years of operation New Britain's SMART City Committee has overseen the completion of multiple projects and oversees projects that are currently underway.

The City of New Britain will be recognized with all other Spring and Fall 2020 certified communities later this year in December at the annual Convention of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities.

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