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Open Letter to Candidate Strong

Dear Democratic Candidate for Mayor Alicia Hernandez Strong,

You have made serious, false, and defamatory allegations about the New Britain Journal.

According to a Facebook post you stated that, “The New Britain City Journal is a straight-up propaganda paper. It has almost always been funded by New Britain’s wealthy landlords, developers and real estate agents. It’s reappearance just before a municipal election and it’s commitment to exclusively targeting those who challenge Stewart makes this quite obvious.

Wealthy landlords in the state are politically organized and and extremely powerful, even at the municipal level. They feel threatened by me because I dare to call out the ways they use their money to influence politics and oppose the rights of renters.

I am not talking about working people who own a few properties for extra income. I’m talking about landlords that own 100+ units who involve themselves in state and local politics. Many of whom don’t actually live in the city themselves.

But y’all know me. I’m a fighter. I will not stay quiet while working people are silenced and disregarded by politicians who are funded—directly and indirectly—by absentee landlords. If you ready to take on this fight with me donate and sign up to volunteer for my campaign.”

Just to be clear the New Britain City Journal was a newspaper written by Robin Vinci, who has since retired. In fact, the New Britain Journal has no relation to Vinci’s paper. We are a politically independent online newspaper, with no ties to the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party. Still, our authors may share their political beliefs in association in their respective authorship. As well, we are not funded by any landlords and will not be going away after any election. We ask you, Candidate Strong, to do what is right and retract your defamatory allegations in as public a manner as that in which they were made.


The New Britain Journal

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