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Owners of Former Israel Putnam School to Receive Blight Fines

The former Israel Putnam school located at 43 Osgood Avenue has been a longstanding eyesore for that area of town. This building is owned by two private developers and continues to fall into greater disrepair. On Tuesday, June 15th the City of New Britain Health Department sent them the a notice of violation citing the following matters:

1. Openings/Windows boarded with unpainted wood; Boarded up, but some or all of the material used has been broken, pried off, or otherwise vandalized; 7-42(b)(2)(a)(ii)(iii) 2. Exterior facades (masonry) which contain damaged or absent siding, holes, breaks, lose or rotting materials, which are not properly surface coated to prevent deterioration, or the paint on which is significantly discolored or faded; 7-42(b)(2)(b) 3. Chimneys and similar appurtenances which are in a state of disrepair; 7-42(b)(2)(e) 4. Damage to roof; 7-42(b)(2)(u), 13-142

The owners of this building have been given 30 days to rectify ALL of these issues or face a fine of $99 per day, which will be enforceable by a lien on their property.

New Britain's blight ordinance was updated by the Common Council and signed off by Mayor Erin Stewart in July of 2019. The ordinance was a product of the Building and Health Services Department's continued efforts to remediate blighted properties within the city.

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