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Public Concern Mounts Over State Delegation's Inaction on Critical Allen Street Sewer Project

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

The City of New Britain's persistent efforts to secure state funding for the crucial Phase 2 of the Allen Street sewer upgrades and roadway reconstruction have been met with continuous inaction by the Connecticut State Delegation. This ongoing delay has raised significant public concern, as the project is vital for addressing long-standing infrastructure deficiencies in one of the city's busiest thoroughfares.


Initiated in 2013, the project appeared on New Britain's top ten bonding priorities, signaling its importance for the city's infrastructure health​​. Despite its inclusion, progress has been sluggish, with the state delegation yet to commit the necessary funds. The Allen Street project, estimated to cost $6 million for completion, is essential for resolving issues like chronic flooding, sanitary sewer backups, and general disrepair of the road surface and sidewalks​​​​.


By 2019, the urgency for this upgrade was evident, with the city highlighting it as a pressing need, especially in light of federal and state environmental compliance requirements​​. The completion of Phase 1 in 2015, stretching from Farmington Avenue to Oak Street, demonstrated the city's commitment, yet the lack of state support for Phase 2 has left a critical gap in the city's infrastructure​​.


In 2021, Mayor Stewart's office again emphasized the project's necessity, pointing out that the unresolved infrastructure issues are not just a local inconvenience but a matter of public safety and environmental concern​​.


The state delegation's inaction on this matter has become a growing public concern. Residents are increasingly frustrated with the slow pace of developments, fearing that further delays could exacerbate the existing problems and lead to more severe consequences. The Allen Street project's stagnation is a stark reminder of the need for proactive state involvement in local infrastructure projects, particularly those with significant environmental and public health implications.


As the City of New Britain continues to push for the completion of this vital project, the spotlight is now on the State Delegation's response, with the public eagerly awaiting their action to address this critical concern.

Update: We have added the communications to the State Delegation.

20130123151212-FW Bonding priorities-1
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20190110114624-10.29.18 Legislative Priorities 2019 Final-1
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20210111113444-2021 Legislative Memo-1
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20210716112558-Copy of Bond Request List 2021.xlsx-1
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20211221115429-Re 2022 Legislative Memo-1
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