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Roll Out the Red Carpet for the R.T.C. Endorsement Night, Tonight!

The New Britain Republican Town Committee will be endorsing a strong slate of candidates for elected office tonight.

For Alderman at-large, probable candidates include incumbent Willie Pabon, Matthew Malinowski, Desiree Costa, Luz Ortiz, and Alden Russell.

In Ward One, incumbent Howard Dyson and Peter Scirpo are vying for recognition in the southern portion of New Britain, which includes the campuses of New Britain High School, Slade Middle School, and Vance Elementary School.

Valerie Ruby Ingram and Jerrell Hargraves are working hard to get approved for Ward Two, which covers the Roosevelt Middle School and Chamberlain School campuses in New Britain.

Ward Three, which encompasses both North and Oak Streets, will be represented by Sara Piatti and Jeffrey Gumbs.

Ward Four incumbents Robert Smedley and Michael Thompson will be supported, which has made and continues to make significant advances in the Belvedere region among CCSU off-campus students.

Ward Five will be represented by Paul Catanzaro and Kris Rutkowski.

On the ballot for the Board of Education are incumbents Athena Tina Santana, Anthony Cane, and Matthew Marino.

Sheryl Mala and John Board want to run for the Board of Assessment Appeals.

Last, but not least, incumbents Richard Moreno, Alan Zaniewski, Sean Steele, and Kenneth Haas are among the four candidates for Constable.

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