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RUDder news …”out of the darkness and into the light” by Ald. Sharon Beloin Saavedra

Since our election in November of 2023, the RUD caucus has been working on quality of life issues that impact the health of our city. From various housing developments to business ventures to recreational opportunities through our expansive park system to supporting the overall reimagining of what New Britain can be.

We have supported zone changes to assist in the

mount pleasant redevelopment project as well as property acquisition . We have acquired property to continue the work on the Beeline trail.

We are supporting the current Holmes school renovation project through a city bond. Under this administration Gaffney, Smalley and Chamberlain schools have been reimagined !

Arch street is in the early stages of a makeover -

Barrio Latino is hopeful to become a destination place similar to Little Poland.

Look around New Britain for wonderful social opportunities while supporting small businesses.

The Assembly Room, the Speak Easy, Five Churches, Alvarium, the Back 9 offer a relaxive environment to share with friends.

Take a walk on one of our park trails , jump into a paddle boat or visit our driving range at the golf course for fun in the fresh air. A new pavilion is coming soon to Stanley Golf Course. Offering more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in the coming seasons.

The RUD caucus has been busy at work learning about important safety initiatives in our community.

Did you know we have an emergency response team called the Navigators? This three person team is comprised of two highly trained officers and a social worker - who proactively work with vulnerable populations to try to get them into a system of care. EMS also has a Navigators program that works to prevent opioid overdoses and reduce overdose deaths within our community . Through this program and our Community Services office at city hall , narcan has become readily available for medical first responders and members in the community.

Running a city is much more than making speeches and poking holes in the tapestry of life in an urban city. Stay proud New Britain - we know who we are.

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