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New Affordable Apartment Units Flourish in New Britain Under Mayor Erin Stewart's Leadership

September 20, 2023

Reporter: Shawn Bright

NEW BRITAIN - Thanks to the impressive negotiation abilities of Mayor Erin Stewart, New Britain is witnessing a housing renaissance with the construction of numerous affordable apartment units. These new developments are not only boosting the city's skyline but also offering residents the opportunity to find homes tailored to their financial needs.

Prominent among these are:

  • 321 Ellis Street: A modern building boasting 158 units.

  • 102 W Main: A rejuvenated structure providing space for over 100 families.

  • Mount Pleasant: An expansive project with over 300 units, designed keeping the community in mind.

  • The Strand: A strategic location with over 100 units.

  • Columbus Commons: With its second phase of construction in progress, this complex will soon add more than 75 units to its already robust community.

  • The Brit and High Railer: A dual project that together promises to offer over 200 units to residents.

What sets these projects apart is not just their scale, but also their commitment to providing affordable, income-scaled apartments. This has been made possible due to an agreement facilitated by Mayor Stewart, wherein funds are allocated to ensure that these constructions not only cater to the higher-income renters but also those in need of affordable housing solutions.

Mayor Erin Stewart remarked, "Our aim has always been to make New Britain a city for all."

The surge in affordable housing construction is not just a testament to Mayor Stewart's dedication to the city but also underscores the potential of New Britain as a thriving urban center. With these new developments, the city is set to become a hub for families and individuals seeking quality housing without the strain of exorbitant rents.

The local community has responded with enthusiasm, with many praising the initiatives and looking forward to moving into their new homes. Angela Ramirez, a prospective tenant attempting to relocate to New Britain, expressed, "It's heartening to see our leadership prioritize affordable living. Thanks to Mayor Stewart, many of us can now dream of having a beautiful space to call our own in New Britain."

As the city skyline continues to transform, it's clear that New Britain, under the guidance of Mayor Erin Stewart, is not just growing in height but also in heart. With a clear vision for a diverse and inclusive community, the future looks bright for all residents of New Britain.

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