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New Britain Journal Raises Concerns Over Delayed FOI Response from Senator Lopes' Office

The New Britain Journal has expressed growing concern over the delayed response to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request submitted on October 26, 2023. The request, focused on State Senator Lopes’ Office and the Allen Street Sewer Issue, has yet to receive a comprehensive reply, causing alarm among journalists and advocates of governmental transparency.

Joe Quinn, of the Legal Department for the Senate Democrats, acknowledged receipt of the request on October 31, 2023. However, since then, the New Britain Journal has repeatedly sought updates, with the latest follow-up sent on January 8, 2024, emphasizing the lack of any substantial response.

The delay is particularly troubling given the public interest surrounding the Allen Street Sewer Issue and its implications for local governance. The New Britain Journal relies on swift and transparent communication to inform the public effectively. This lapse not only affects the Journal's work but also raises questions about the commitment of Senator Lopes' office to transparency and public accountability.

Journalists at the New Britain Journal are calling for immediate action, stressing the urgency and importance of this matter. They expect, at the very least, a formal notification if no disclosable materials are found, along with a clear explanation. Understanding the reasoning behind any non-disclosure is crucial for the Journal, as it directly influences their reporting direction.

This situation underscores a broader concern about the efficacy of FOI requests and the potential barriers journalists face in accessing information crucial for public discourse. The New Britain Journal continues to await a prompt and thorough response, hoping for a resolution that upholds the principles of transparency and accountability in public office.

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