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No Response from Representative Peter Tercyak on Allen Street Sewer Replacement Funding

SEPTEMBER 18, 2023

By Shawn

NEW BRITAIN — The New Britain Journal reached out to Connecticut State Representative Peter Tercyak seeking clarification and comment on the Allen Street Sewer Replacement issue, especially in the aftermath of the recent devastating floods. As of this writing, the representative's office has not provided a response.

The replacement of the Allen Street Sewer is a topic that has become pressing for many residents of New Britain, given the current state of the infrastructure and its direct implication in the recent flooding events. Several efforts by local officials and concerned citizens have been made to address this concern. Yet, the significant issue remains the gap in obtaining state funding for the essential infrastructure project.

In an effort to keep our readers informed and offer a balanced perspective, this newspaper aimed to provide Representative Tercyak an opportunity to shed light on the reasons state funding hasn't been granted for the sewer replacement, despite the clear need and repeated requests from local stakeholders.

Representative Tercyak, who serves the constituency impacted by this issue, was requested to provide a statement or insight by September 18, 2023. We believe that such insights would be valuable for the community, helping residents understand the challenges and intricacies surrounding the delay in funds.

It is worth noting that it's not uncommon for officials to have hectic schedules and at times, some inquiries may not receive immediate attention. Nevertheless, with the urgency and significance of this issue to New Britain's residents, a timely response would have been beneficial.

The New Britain Journal remains committed to bringing clarity on this issue and will continue to investigate and inform our readers about the Allen Street Sewer Replacement and any further developments.

Residents are encouraged to stay connected, be informed, and voice their concerns to ensure that vital community issues receive the attention they deserve.

Those with further information or insights on this matter are encouraged to reach out to us at

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